Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stand on the other side of the fence!

I know that life is a chain of unexpected incidents and events. It can take strange deviations. But what I am going to talk about here is how stranger can be human attitude and behavior at times.

I am not one who takes anybody at their face-value. But then, I had always believed that people whom I rely upon, or whom I expect to be close enough to, will remain within a particular limit when it comes to exchange of words or reactions. I mean, I strongly believed that they will remain closer to a point I have marked and will not move too much to this side or that. Though it was not my first experience as such, because I have seen relations and friendships catapulting to exactly opposite directions time and again, a recent incident made me realize that you must always be sure about your judgement about another person, whosoever it may be, with whom you are interacting.  You should not be judgmental nor should you carry lot many expectations, but you must be aware that human mind is susceptible to changes and their actions, reactions and interactions will be particularly determined by their own priorities and perceptions.

I am now reminded of an earlier post of mine where I had written about the selfish nature of man. At the cost of repetition, let me assert again that man is basically selfish. It is his own pleasures, interests and gains that takes priority when it comes to personal or social dealings. All of us those who talk about social commitments or relative honesty and responsibilities are actually talking nonsense. We are not being true about ourselves. It is I and me that matters. I may not be cent percent right in my observation, but being a person who gives a thought to other’s feelings when it comes to a word or an action, I think I am justified in my thoughts; fair or unfair.

I personally do not feel that I would be losing anything if I give some consideration as to what the person on the other side might feel like. You will always win if you are on the right side. But a scathing remark or a wound left on another will take its time to get off your mind. So, why not be a bit slower so that we do not regret later? 

NB: Apologies for the long gap between posts. I wish all my friends a Happy New Year!

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