Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Help each other to face life.

Life, as we all know, has its ups and downs. It is quite human to be confused at times. There would be moments or situations in life when we falter. We would be at a loss to decide what should be done next; our mind and brain would not work hand in hand then. It is in such situations when we yearn for someone who would actually understand us and would come forward to help us unconditionally.

There would be many who would try to find fault with us and may be quite a few who would give us some moral support. There may be again a few who would assure us that everything is not lost and that we can still make it. But then there would be only a handful that would actually stretch out their hands and guide us to a doorway that would open new horizons for us. They would be magnanimous enough to look above our negatives, to put our faults under the carpet and would just concentrate on strengthening our positives and receding energy. They won’t be mere advisers or well-wishers. They would help us physically and mentally to overcome a failure or a bad patch in life. They would be the ones who really understand us and our problems genuinely and would boost our positives that can be developed to help us in taking a fresh step with renewed energy.

I know it is difficult to find such people and I know too that it is much more difficult for such persons to take up the challenge of helping out a person who has had a fall in life. But those who take the efforts and pain to do so, I believe, are doing something divine; something more divine, I would say, than saving a life. It is not easy to give a helping hand to someone who has lost hope in life. Life becomes almost a burden when you can’t live it. It is then that those who volunteer to share your burden become very crucial and important for you. It is not the time when you would need advice or a post-mortem of your past be done; it is the time when you need someone to energize your thoughts and actions to produce positive results.

So, let us try to be more humane when we come across people who encounter such situations. Let it be a relative, friend or even a stranger. A moment you share with him, a word of solace and an assurance that you are with him may bring a positive change in his life and instill in him the confidence that one door will open when one closes. It is not just about telling him what to do; it should be more about telling him what and how to do in the way he can do it. The strategy for helping out a physically disabled person will certainly have to be different from helping a financially weak person. We should be aware and concerned about the physical, mental and social constraints or limitations of someone before actually lending a helping hand. It is difficult but not impossible. We can give it a try and bring smile to a face and give him hope that he can still live life to the fullest.

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