Saturday, October 31, 2015

Importance of gap between words!

Words are very important. Remember the saying that words once spoken cannot be taken back? Remember the proverb that a bruise caused by words is difficult to heal? Yet, we are not at all serious while using words. We seldom think before we speak.

We spend so much time and energy before doing anything. Let it be experimenting on an invention or a new product, constructing a house, planning a journey, buying something or even meeting an old friend and in almost every aspect of our daily life. We draft and redraft when we write to ensure that only least possible mistakes are made. But do we exercise the same caution or prudence while speaking? I don't think. We prefer to be spontaneous. Questions and answers or views and opinion or suggestions and advice are expected to flow without any lag. We don't think about the necessity to think before we speak. We seldom take time to select the appropriate words or to arrange them properly; our basic intention being to be able to communicate our mind.  It is probably our belief or concept that a wrong word or sentence or thought can be corrected with another at the spur of a moment if there is an objection or difference of opinion on the other side. What we conveniently (or foolishly) forget is that a word uttered is quickly registered by the listener and corrections or additions will only pile up on what is already registered but will not erase the earlier ones.

What I want to say and what I mean is that it would make so much of difference if we think before we speak, if we are not worried about the lags in between and are ready to put in a gap between words. A wrong word or a word spoken out of context may be corrected but the impact already created cannot be undone. So, let us be a bit patient and careful while communicating orally. 

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