Monday, November 17, 2014

Why hesitate to admit your mistakes?

Most of us must have observed that there are many people who are more often interested in finding faults with others rather than trying to introspect and think whether we have been right all along. Well, agreed that it is part of human nature to be so, but why so?

There may be a few who could be standing out of this long queue. But wouldn't the world be a better place if a majority of us made an effort to fall out of the queue and look into ourselves? Wouldn't it be nice if we could convince ourselves into thinking and accepting openly that we could possibly be at fault?

The truth becomes bitter when we see that the fact is that we are all aware of our mistakes and faults but choose to pretend that we do not know that we are wrong. We prefer to wait for someone else to point out our faults and feign ignorance till then before acknowledging with a masked sense of enlightenment.

Do we actually stand to gain anything in the whole exercise? I feel that we would be at better peace of mind and self-contentment if we admit our mistake at the first instance without waiting for a poke and acknowledge that the other person(s) was right. One can well imagine the plight of somebody who has to mime that he is right well knowing that he is not right.

An occasional drama behind the curtain of false ignorance is acceptable but making it a part of one’s character and life will only harm us mentally, physically and socially. So, should we start thinking otherwise?

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