Friday, August 8, 2014

'How' over 'Why' while doing something.

Why do you do something? Either because you want to do it or because you have no choice but to do it. So, I think it is important  to be more concerned about how you do it than why. I say so because when you are doing a thing , for whatever reason, it is how you do it that matters. It is a different issue if you decide not to do something. But not so when you are doing something.

So, when you do something, by choice or otherwise, give importance to how you do it. Think about the various permutations and combinations of doing a thing, make the right and perfect choices, take the right decisions and put in your best.

Never do something to satisfy others. It is after all your time and efforts that has to be put in and therefore it should be your satisfaction that matters. The ways and means of doing something and the final results should satisfy you and should make you happy or rather excited that your efforts have been worth. It should instill that positive energy in you to do more.

We often get to see people doing things for the sake of it. By doing so you don't end up to be a satisfied man. Anything done without proper application of mind and dedication will only bring out results but not that sense of satisfaction. It will create negative energy which will kill your urge to perform.

The point is that, I feel, you are able to bring out the better, if not the best, in you if you give priority to 'how' over 'why' when doing something. It is the process that is more important than the reasons. This is applicable to every act of yours; right from keeping yourself and your surroundings clean, to reading a book, to communicating with your friends, to completing your assignments and to anything and everything you do.

So, ask how and not why before doing something.

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