Thursday, September 11, 2014

Do all men make women silent?

I was inspired to write on the subject when I happened to read a column by Rafia Zakaria in the Deccan Chronicle. It did make an interesting reading but I could not, somehow (not because I am a man), quite digest her conclusion therein that men try to dominate over women in any discussion on any topic and make them silent. While going through the write up, I could recollect instances I had experienced where I had seen men being made to shut their mouths by the volatile and seemingly convincing assertions of  women while in a discussion. 

Now I think and say so, because I feel there is no justification in generalizing people based on genders. I don't think we should be biased while trying to arrive at conclusions on certain gestures or characteristics. Nor do I think that it would be fair to base our findings on certain individual instances. 

I for one do not believe that every man will forcefully take charge of a discussion and will start making his point without giving a chance to the other side, especially if that is a woman. Every man does not try to show off or try to be assertive when the discussion is on a topic about which he is not aware or has very little knowledge. I am of the opinion that gender is actually immaterial in such cases. It is the reflection of the character of a person when he speaks where he should not and speaks what he should not. Now, if I happened to see him trying to dominate a situation by foolishly trying to overshadow a woman while discussing or debating a topic, I am more than sure that I will see him doing the same with a man on another occasion. It is his character or may be you can call it a bad habit. And it is more true that we do have women of the same character and they do the same thing. People of the same character do the same thing when they are in similar situations irrespective of the gender they belong to. So, it is not the gender that makes the difference, you see.

One may call it a difference in perception, but is it not true? I do feel so! 

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