Friday, August 1, 2014

Enlightenment of a blogger.

It was this write up on bosom which was based on a Facebook status by a teenage girl that prompted me to rethink about the reasons for me not being able to post quite often in my blog here. I realized that I have been wasting too much time in thinking about topics and then developing those thoughts into something presentable. You know that I am not a prolific writer, nevertheless. The write up was enough to wake me up and tell me that, 'look, you need not think too much. Write what you feel but make sure that the reader will understand and like it'. So, I am back here, almost twenty days later than planned and expected. I think it happens when you are too serious about something. May be!

Never have I actually bothered about SEO or keywords, though most of my friends had been suggesting that I should start taking care of them. I generally used to brush off those ideas by saying that I would first of all learn to write continuously before starting to worry about all those technical matters. But I think I used to worry too much about what I should write about and how. I may be sounding odd in this era of internet but that seems to be the fact.  Not that I had always written on great topics and not that all my posts are exemplary. But I preferred to be in my comfort zone just touching the benchmark created at my convenience. All that appears to have been sheer waste of time and efforts now because, friends, the fact is that you can write on anything if you want to actually write and, yes, can write. It is after all your own space where you are totally free to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings. There is nobody to dictate terms or set targets. It is totally your world where it is your decision and action that matters.

Having realized and said so, a small doubt that is still lingering in my mind is whether I would be able to attract people to read what I write. After all we write with the sole desire that maximum number of people across the world will read what we write though they may not express any opinion.

Anyway, in the hope that my writings would find readers who would encourage me to keep posting more and more in lesser time frames, I conclude on a positive note. I have been enlightened and have decided to write more regularly, may be once in a week or so, on whatever I feel like and write in a way that would make the readers happy that they have been here.

( Resemblance to an earlier post may kindly be excused.) 

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