Monday, December 30, 2013

New year brings in hope!

Another year is ending and we have all grown older by one year. As usual, everyone is getting ready to welcome the new year. I have quite often wondered as to what is so special about new year. As days pass by and months, so do a year.

But new year brings in a scent of freshness and a ray of hope. It tends to connect with change. And change that is expected is all about hope. Nothing actually changes. We don't change ourselves, the nature does not change, situations remain the same, contacts remain the same except for some possible additions or reductions. So,  basically nothing changes. But we hope that things might change as per our wishes and aspirations. And it is that hope which ignites our urge to carry on. We fuel our energy to step on our failures and losses and try to make a difference with the beginning of a new year.

Resolutions are part of such an attempt. We tend to promise ourselves to do or not to do certain things well knowing that resolutions taken in the past had been conveniently broken. But still a resolution is a driving factor that can help you to focus.  It is your decisions and the way you adhere to it that really matters.

So, let us, as in all those previous years, hope and pray that this new year will bring in positive changes and our lives would be better, at least not worse,  than what it was in the previous year.

I wish all my friends a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


manoranjini said...

Wish you a grand new year albeit a bit belated . My wish for you would be one of limitless thoughts and the most apt words to express them..Let the words flow ..

Old Monk said...

Thank you Manoranjini for your kind wishes. In fact it has been quite sometime that I had been here. Anyway, am almost ready with a new post and will publish by tomorrow. And, as always, hope to keep posting between short gaps. See you.