Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Food for thought.

I know I am not going to write on an entirely new topic. But it is a topic that requires our permanent attention and concern. I am talking about food. The very sight of people wasting food brings to my mind the thousands of people across the world who yearn for a piece-meal at least once in a day.

It is quite a common sight in public functions and hotels etc. You see people filling up their plates with whole lots of food, may be chunks of different varieties, and  after having their fill or may be after completing the formality throw away the balance into waste baskets. This is atrocious. If you ask my opinion, I feel it is one of the greatest sin a man can do. When there are malnourished brothers around us and people who remain hungry for want of food, can't you spare a thought before filling up your plates? Know your stomach and take only what you can eat.

I am not that noble a guy who would ask you to skip a meal for the sake of others but why waste food? I firmly believe that our thoughts would become noble or great only when they are put into practice. One does not lose anything to speak in a public function and enlighten the audience about the importance of food. One does not lose anything by holding exhibitions with photographs of malnourished children.  But it will make a difference only when you are able to share your meal with somebody who is in need. By not wasting food you are indirectly creating surplus of ingredients which may become food for the needy.

I strongly feel that our governments and NGOs should create awareness among the people and encourage them to spare the excess to help the needy. Apologies if I sounded to be sermonizing.

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