Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knowledge is secondary; having an opinion is important.

It is no longer considered snobbery to be opinionated. Gone are the days when people who gave inconclusive and unsupported opinions about anything and everything were looked down upon as snobs. Realizing the need to make a place for himself in this competitive and changing world, man has started exploring avenues other than the conventional health, wealth and family topics. They try to know something about everything so as to enable them to to express a view or give an opinion on any given topic which is brought up for discussion while in a group.

The trend is to become part of a discussion and then try to establish your supremacy by giving your opinion and expressing your ideas. Your knowledge seldom matters. Very little or half baked knowledge actually does not make much difference. It is your conviction and confidence that matters. It is the precision of your talk and clarity of your voice that matters. You must be able to air your views in such a manner that the others in the group starts entertaining a doubt whether they had gone wrong somewhere.

Do not worry about the end results. You need to be able to navigate and guide the others to a point where you are comfortable. You can always (and must) move out of a group conveniently and then join another with a fresh topic. As long as your purpose of getting noticed is achieved you need not bother about anything else. Don't ever let the thought of back biting get into your mind. Let bygones be bygones. Tomorrow is anyway a fresh day. But be particular about one thing;  do move out of a group before a discussion gets cleared out of the confusion.

We are living in a world of little knowledge and we have to find space for ourselves. There is no meaning in cribbing about ethics, decency or moral.

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