Thursday, March 13, 2014

Of Creation and Inventions.

Nothing serious; its a simple thought. I don’t know whether all of you believe in that supreme power which we call God. But I do believe and my belief becomes stronger everyday as I see and feel things around me. Science may have been able to arrive at its own conclusions about many things in the Universe but there is still so much left to be answered and I think the existence of a supreme power cannot be questioned till the time such answers are found. For example we might have been able to reach the Moon, but have we been able to fully explore and understand the working of a human mind?

Anyway, my point today is something different. I have been thinking about the creations of God. Look, he created the Universe and each of his creations compliment each other. None of his creations can be said to be an unwanted one or a waste. His creations had not gone waste and have not undergone any natural changes and yet remain fresh and useful to life as it ever used to be. Each of his creations is required for the survival of the other. Death, decay or destruction might be there but they too can be seen to be the planning of the Creator to refresh, refurbish and rejuvenate his creations for their continued existence. 

But look at the inventions by man. He has used materials already created by God to make new things. The things he made kept on changing with time and the older ones became redundant and thereby waste. We call it development or whatever but look at the amount of waste he has produced and had left Mother Earth burdened by it. His inventions had only helped in changing the requirements of man by lighting his desire for more and better ones. His inventions has changed the natural system and thereby the balance of the nature including life in every possible way. 

I am not saying that everything should remain as it is and should not be changed; but the changes should be in tune with the nature.  The changes should not break the harmony. There is always a difference between creation and invention and we should realize and understand the subtle line between them.

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