Monday, April 29, 2013

That feeling of uncertainty in life.

What I feel is that it is the uncertainty of life that disturbs man the most. It is not the question of whether we are white or black, tall or short, rich or poor or employed or unemployed that matters. Those are just masks we wear for the time being. You may have a different opinion and you are free to hold on to it, but the actual fact that keeps you on your toes is the uncertainty about the next moment. I am not speaking about death; it may come anytime and is expected, though there is no doubt that there is uncertainty in that too.

But more important are the questions like whether you would be loved and wanted as you are now, or that you would be loved and wanted as you are not now. We are living in a world where relations are being given very low priority. Whether it be parental, brotherly or friendly; relations have become very materialistic and you are not sure about your status tomorrow or say even the next moment.

I think relations are important than anything in this world. It is great to realize that there would be people to stand by you in times of happiness as well as in times of sorrow. That feeling is, I believe, greater than all the riches in the world. But there is no certainty about relations. It can change anytime depending on the situations and circumstances.

Life itself  is so uncertain that you are not sure about the next moment. Take simple things like whether you will reach your office on time, whether you will find your wife when you are back home, whether you would be able to have your dinner tonight and so many things like that. You may give word to your friend to attend his birthday party the next day but, I am sure that you would be saying so with an inhibition in your mind as to whether you would be able to fulfill your promise.

Though this is not an explicit feeling, we are all at all times bogged by this strange feeling of uncertainty. May be this is what life is all about. But you will feel disturbed if you give it a thought.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Well said, Sajit ettan. A whole lot of sense and meaning!

Old Monk said...

Thanks a lot Rakesh for the nice words. Actually, I have started writing more on my blog but have not been receiving any comments. You too have been missing from your blog.