Monday, June 3, 2013

Life is not all that beautiful.

I am sure that none of us must have felt that life is totally beautiful. Though we generally conceive life to be beautiful, we are all aware that it is not so. I am not talking about the ups and downs or happiness and sorrow in life. They are expected and we are all almost ready to accept them as they come.

But I am talking about relations. I have always felt that all relations, almost all of them, are either fake or made up. All relationships have their own aims and routes. Be it be your parents, siblings, wife, children, friends or neighbors, we all maintain relations due to certain reasons and with some purpose; at least most of the time. Blood relations might be there in a basic nature, but living relations are based on so many other things. Relationships keep on changing according to situations and circumstances.

I believe my thought is not wrong. Your status, job, money, earning power, security, health and almost all your life situations affect your relations and the relationship with all your near and dear ones depends on what and how you are.

I have been thinking about this topic for quite sometime and thought that I should share it with you all. Life is not all that beautiful. Any different opinions?


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I can so very well agree with what you've said. Every relationship has an ulterior motive indeed. And the more we discover, the more we feel at loss.

I've stopped analyzing relationships long ago. I guess the only relationship i have, after all, is the relationship i have built with myself.

Old Monk said...

Thanks a lot Rakesh for your good words. I too have been nurturing a feeling that relationships have a lot to do with how and what you are. It is just that I thought of posting a piece on the topic now. I too believe that, at least to some extent, it is you who is important to you and nobody else.