Friday, March 29, 2013

Our zeal for change and addiction to speed.

We no longer want to wait for anything. We want everything to be happening. We don't want to purchase a product which has a longer guarantee period. We don't want anything to be permanent. The zeal for change is in. You change your hair style, attires, bed sheets, curtains, paint of your house, settings in your house, your furniture and everything more frequently than you used to do ten years back.  It may sound caustic, but I do believe that we have started feeling bored about permanent relationships too. Have you noticed the increase in the number of divorce cases?

Are we becoming addicted to speed? I feel so and I think our zeal for change is related to this addiction. Waiting rooms are becoming obsolete because we have started making it a point to reach a place only on time. Be it be for catching a train, marriage, birthday, funeral or whatever, we don't want to be there before time. We are no longer interested in going there ahead of time so that we can meet our relatives or friends and can speak to them for sometime. We are avoiding such interactions because we have started thinking on the line of gains. Do we gain anything by discussing personal or family matters with them? If the answer is no, then why waste time?

The West might have gone ahead and we are fast catching up. We are becoming part of the fast world. We have to be on the move. It is as if we would lose out on something if we pause. We no longer have our wife waiting for us at the door when we return from work. We don't have parents waiting for their children who are late from school. A call to their mobile will give you their location (where you expect them to be and may not be where they actually are). It is all about change and speed.

I would like to wind up with an apprehensive note. In this zeal for change and passion for speed, are we losing something? All this zeal for change and addiction to speed appears to me to be a mask worn by each of us to hide our feelings that we have started living in a world of individuals and there is no one to wait for us.

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