Monday, January 7, 2013

These are my moments- mine alone.

Most of us must have come across situations when we want to be left all alone. We don't like to talk to anyone and in fact we don't feel like doing anything. We don't like to be disturbed by anything or anybody.  

It may be moments when we are too excited and want to savor  all the happiness with our heart. we don't want anyone to encroach  into that atmosphere. 

Similarly, there may be sad moments. Moments when our heart is almost breaking but we are unable to cry. We are burdened with a feeling for which nobody would be able to give us solace. 

We like to spend all those moments all alone. It is not because we are lonely. We have friends and relatives all around. But, we just like to be left alone. It is as if we enclose our self in a zone to which entry of anything is strictly uninvited. It is not because we enjoy the solitude, but because we do not want anything to affect our state of mind at that time- happiness or otherwise. We want to go through it all alone. 

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Rakesh Vanamali said...

And it is always good to go through one's moments alone - for that is the eternal truth, that no matter who we have with us, we will always be alone, always!