Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Delhi rape incident- some thoughts.

I am sad. I am disgusted. A feeling of guilt seems to engulf me when I see a woman. The feeling that I am helpless like so many others.

The rape and subsequent death of the 23 year old girl in Delhi has created shock waves across the country. With the youth leading from the front, the capital and most of the places in India had witnessed lot of protests in different magnitudes.

May her soul rest in peace. My heart goes out to the bereaved family.

But, what I fail to understand is as to how this particular incident had caught up so much attention. There are so many cases of rape and molestation being reported on almost daily basis. This is in addition to the cases that go unreported.

What prompted the public and the media to take up this case with so much hype and fervor?  I don't think anybody will disagree with me when I say that this is not the first incident of this kind that has happened here. Is there anything that makes this case special or peculiar from others? I don't think so.

The only justifiable reason behind all this upheaval is, as far as my extended thought goes, an eruption of emotions that have been stagnating in the mind of the people for sometime and they were waiting for the right time and place to vent their feelings. And which place would be better to attract national attention than Delhi, the capital.

All said and done, I only hope that the feelings of the people will activate the legislative, the executive and the judicial machinery.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

As you very rightly said, the only reason behind such heinous incidents is a great deal of repressed emotion that hasn't found a positive outlet..... the solution is to teach our children compassion, love and respect..... nothing else will work.

Margaret said...

Not only has the case caused shock waves across India but across the world. It's on the main news and in all the newspapers here in Germany.

I can only hope and pray that change will come about now that this brutal act of inhumanity has become public to the world - changes to make India a safe place for females.

Maybe you'd like to read the poem I wrote on my blog about this.

Old Monk said...

Rakesh, thanks for the response. I personally feel that a sociological and psychological analysis has to be conducted to find out the reason behind such cruelties. People seem to be acting with a vengeance of some sort.

Old Monk said...

Margaret, thanks a lot for responding. Actually, there is nothing to worry about the general safety of women in India. These incidents should not be taken to assess the male mentality in total. The acts of some perverted and mentally ill should be dealt with the seriousness it requires rather than treating them as mere crimes.

Margaret said...

Old Monk - I'm sorry but I can't agree with you that there's nothing to worry about. The fact that every 22 mins a woman is raped in India and few see justice - that speaks for itself.

Old Monk said...

Margaret, I am sure that the numbers are exaggerated. All reported cases are sternly dealt with as per law.