Sunday, January 13, 2013

Please Respect The Dead Bodies.

Pakistan has done it again. They have violated the ceasefire agreement. They shot dead two Indian soldiers and beheaded one of them. Allegations and counter allegations are there.

Since we are sharing a border, some misunderstandings are likely to arise which may lead to inevitable reactions. Those may be accepted keeping in mind the conditions of the soldiers manning the borders. But, it is important at the same time, for both the sides to exercise restraint.

But, why mutilate bodies? Aren't we expected to respect international guidelines on the subject? While it may be justifiable to kill the enemy to save one's life or for the sake of the Nation, I fail to understand the sadistic pleasure being enjoyed by the other side in mutilating bodies of Indian soldiers. This is not the first time. This has happened time and again. We may be able to accept it, with remorse, if such acts are done by terrorist outfits because they are people who lack human content. But, it is not the case here. We can't draw parallels between terrorists and the Pakistan army; or should we do so? They should not behave like barbarians. They should understand that it is men like them in uniform who are manning the borders of this side as part of their duty. They too have people waiting eagerly for their return. It would be pertinent to mention here that the Indian side has always shown the greatest respect to bodies of the Pakistan side.

These kind of inhuman acts need to be taken up strongly in International forums and they should be forced to intervene and prevent such  beastly acts.

If mutilation is done solely with an intent to instigate, I think that it defies civilization and needs to be condemned in the harshest words and dealt with severity.

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Rakesh Vanamali said...

You must be kidding!

What sort of a nation are we expecting civility from? One that continues to systematically deride its own people and society through a vicious cycle of violence that instigates fear?

One cannot expect civility from barbarians!