Saturday, August 10, 2013

I can write only when I feel like writing.

My last post here is dated 29th June. It is over a month since I have written anything here. I am told that a Blog will lose it's viewership and popularity if the blogger is not regular. But, what to do? Though a few ideas cropped up in between, I just did not feel like writing. Believe me, I can write only when I feel like writing. I don't think I am a prolific writer who can  take a pen and paper and convert his ideas into words with the same ease of sipping a lemonade.

To be frank, I have never really bothered about SEO or about being a popular writer in the virtual world. I might have wanted to do so, but I could never pressurize myself to give a serious thought to such matters. I have read about people earning lot of money through blogging. I am not saying that I did not want to make any money, but my priority was always to write what I feel and that too only when I feel like doing so.

For me, this is a medium of expression. I write down my thoughts, feelings and opinions for people who love to read me. Actually, the fact is that I like to be read. I have been keeping a track of my viewership and do feel delighted when I see a comment on my post.

I think it is time for me to change. I will have to develop. I will have to start thinking about SEOs and earnings. To be precise, I will have to start posting regularly. Right?


Karthicka Sunil said...

waiting for ya future blogs pls...

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I've always been true to myself - which is to write what i feel and make my blog very personal and non-commercial. I guess that gives most joy!

Old Monk said...

Karthicka, thank you!

Old Monk said...

Rakesh, you said it! I too believe that it is all about being true to yourself. Just for the pleasure of being read. But, I have started feeling that if there are other opportunities available, why not give it a try?

Destination Infinity said...

Don't bother with SEO and such technical stuff - It doesn't work with personal blogs anyway.

I think writing for satisfaction, happiness, better understanding of ourselves and others around us and providing value is more important. Everything else will follow.

Destination Infinity

Old Monk said...

Destination Infinity,
Glad to see you here! Yes, you are right that satisfaction should be the ultimate aim.

Hope you will keep visiting me.

Regards and thanks!