Saturday, August 31, 2013

A thought about identity.

What is my actual identity? Is it my appearance, my name, my family, my religion, my State or my Country? All these factors are applicable when you are trying to identify a person who is known to you. I am not talking about the social identity. My point is about the identity of an individual. I understand, as you do, that our identity is something connected with our birth, bringing up and social interactions. But, my personal opinion is that the identity of an individual largely depends on the perception of others; the way they see you, look at you, understand you and interact with you.

Suppose that my name is 'X'. I am a tall, well built and dark complexioned man from, say New York. As long as you do not know my other details, my identity as far as you are concerned will be restricted to my looks. If I introduce myself as Mr 'X' from New York, my name and place would be added to the list. Once we get to know each other, my knowledge and character may further be added.

My identity is not the same for all. As a son or daughter, as a friend, as a relative, as a husband or wife, as a father and so on, people would have different conclusions about me.

What I mean to say is that every individual is of varied identity. One is what he actually is, which may or may not be understood, and the other one is the identity based on the perception of others.

I think that the identity of a person is decided on how another looks at you.

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