Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I think it was in Rakesh's blog (almostsunday) that I read about values. I had expressed my opinion therein but felt that I too should write something on it and hence this attempt.
In today's world values are based on many factors. There was a time when values used to be given lot of importance.Now as in any other thing values too have become materialistic.What do I gain or what do I lose seems to be the motto.For eg. what do I gain if I help a blind (sorry, visually impaired...can't understand the difference...will scribble on this topic later) person cross the road or what do I lose if I ignore the red signal and move ahead.We seldom have time to think about others...may be because the mindset has become "why should I'.This I syndrome,I believe, is the basic reason for the deterioration of values. Get into a public transport and you find a person sitting with his legs apart or with his hand on the backrest.You try to accommodate yourself in the available space. Let alone values, the other guy doesn't even show the basic courtesy of adjusting himself to make seat for you.Disrespect for fellow being or should I say too much of imposed self-respect. Values are certain basic principles which every person is expected to abide by in the common interest of the society. But when common interest is itself absent what is the solution. If the attitude is that I will join the fray only if I benefit something from it you cannot call it a value based decision. Values should be nurtured right from childhood....though it is not necessary that it grows with the child. As I said before it is attitude that matters. Greeting your elders,getting up when they come before you, ensuring that your act in anyway doesn't disturb others, helping on and so forth. Values are finer aspects of life whereby you develop respect for each other and other's feelings.



Society itself is a concept because of value system.It may vary from culture to culture,but the cornerstones of most civilizations are the values it have generated through centuries...
good to read you again.

Old Monk said...

Thanks a lot for your valuable comment. I had scribbled the note in a little bit of hurry. Could have bettered had I done some homework.

aria said...

I feel that these days, in the name of 'values' we put up a facade.. such as.. of being respectful or 'politically correct' when the situation demands so ..
Its a tricky subject.. but you've expressed it aptly. I've thought about 'values' after a pretty long time. As I'd said on Rakesh's blog too .. I feel most values we have is reflective of our immediate surroundings and we picked them up unconsciously from the people we grew up with .. without really anyone instilling them verbally.

Old Monk said...

Thank you. You are absolutely right. In today's world I doubt whether there is sincerity in any of our actions. As I said, what do I gain seems to be the motto.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

If only we, as a people, were to follow all the values instilled in us by our parents......we'd be a better lot!

Thanks very much for referencing my blog!

Old Monk said...

Thank you.Yes...we,as a people.

My pleasure.