Friday, March 27, 2009

By the People

Another election is round the corner. Political parties are busy selecting candidates and making and shifting alliances.The public is in a state of confusion. I personally feel that these elections are a mockery. There are basic qualifications laid down even for a class 4 grade job. But to be an MP or even a minister you need not possess any qualification. There is no police verification. You may be a goonda, convict or anything for that matter. How is this justified Sir? They contest against each other and after election form an alliance and make a Government. Do we elect them for this? We vote for a particular party or candidate with a purpose. If after election they juggle around and join together...what is the value of our votes? Is this real Democracy...I doubt. What is happening today is a mere fight for power. It is by the people, to the politicians, for the politicians. I am sad that the state of affairs in the world's largest Democracy is in such a pathetic condition. It is high time the laws are amended. Basic qualifications to fight an election should be laid down. Police verification to check the credentials of the candidates should be carried out. A law should be enacted laying down that no alliances can be formed after the elections. There is so much to write about. Only one thing friends...You are making yourself a fool by voting....but being an eligible citizen you have to vote....please choose your candidate not by his party but after confirming whether he/she is qualified in all respects to REPRESENT us....the people.



Nobody represents us, except ourselves.Power is always corrupting.Indirect democracy itself is a comprimise.That too, in a country with more than 60 crores of illiterate people...
very nice thoughts..nicely written
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Rakesh Vanamali said...

None of this is happening in our lifetimes @least! Thats as plain and simple that the truth is! Bitter, but true!

I completely empathize though!

Btw....good to see you back after what seems ages ;) Keep @ it more often!

Old Monk said...

Thanks MIP. As has been said-Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. May be this is the reason why people with genuine and progressive ideas shift their stand once they get power.

Old Monk said...

It is like the case of an animal that has tasted blood. The politicians do not want anything to change. Without poverty,illiteracy and unemployment how do you think these power-thirsty leaders are going to survive? Thank you Rakesh for your continuing support.

Anonymous said...

Elections are over and we did see some surprises! Shashi Tharoor won and Congress is back in power, with MM Singh as PM, doesn't this show that although we are a young Democracy and we definitely need all the amendments you have discussed, we are still capable of making our voices heard?
Cheers, IHM